mad - The guest in room 200 is really angry., movie - The group wants to go to the cinema to see a film., bellboy - The guest told the hotel porter to put the suitcase in the room., cab - Could you call me a taxi, please?, elevator - It's quicker to use the lift than the stairs., first - The restaurant is on the ground floor., vacation - We really enjoyed our holiday in Greece., fall - Does it get cold in autumn here?, chips - Can I have some crisps with my beer, please?, drugstore - I'm looking for a chemist to buy some aspirin., check - The customer has asked for the bill., bills - Sorry, I only have 100 euro notes., roundtrip - Would you like a single or return ticket?, intersection - First, turn left at the crossroads..., gas - Where can I find some petrol?, subway - The closest underground station is only a 5-minute walk from the hotel.,

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