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es i aeth hi aeth o I / she /he /Name went, es i allan am dro aeth hi aeth o I / she /he /Name went for a walk, cerddais i cwerddodd hi cerddodd o I / she /he /Name walked  , mwynheais i mwynhaodd hi mwynhodd o I / she /he /Name enjoyed  , bwytais i salad ffrwythau bwytodd y ferch salad ffrwythau I/the girl ate too fruit salad, bwytais i siocled bwytodd hi siocled I/she ate chocolate , bwytais i afal gwyrdd bwytodd y bachgen afal gwyrdd I/boy ate green apple , bwytais i bitsa bwytodd hi I / she ate , bwytais i ormod bwytodd o ormod I/he ate too much , yfais i yfodd hi yfodd o I / he / she drank.



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