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ais i odd hi odd o I / she / he, dawnsiais i dawnsiodd hi dawnsiodd o I / she / he danced, nofiais i nofiodd hi nofiodd o I / she / he swim, gwnes i gwnaeth hi gwnaeth o I / she / he did / made, prynais i prynodd hi prynodd o I / she / he bought, gwyliais i gwyliodd hi gwyliodd o I / she / he watched, darllenais i darllenodd hi darllenodd o I / she / he read, cwrddais i cwrddodd hi cwrddodd o I / she / he met, gwerandewais i gwerandawodd hi gwerandawodd o I / she / he listened, chwaraeais i chwaraeodd hi chwaraeodd o I / she / he played, cysgais i cysgodd hi cysgodd o I / she / he slept, gwelais i gwelodd hi gwelodd o I / she / he saw, penderfynais i penderfynodd hi penderfynodd o I / she / he decided, cerddais i cerddodd hi cerddodd o I / she / he walked.



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