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Dickens presents the supernatural in a Christmas Carol to be a reflection of Scrooge's character, In the beginning of the text, he uses the simile "like a child, yet no so like a child as like an old man" to describe the Ghost of Christmas Past. , This shows the conflicting characteristics of Scrooge, as he is both a reflection of his childhood but also he has become narrow minded like an old man could., The noun "child" suggests the innocence of the Ghost, which is a reflection of Scrooge as a boy., These charactistics of Scrooge and his ignorance is a reflection of the rich people in Victorian Times and how they did very little to help the poor. , This encourages the audience to feel reflective of how they treat people and perhaps they will then be kinder to others. , Dickens wanted to pass this message onto Victorian society and so he thought setting the story at Christmas Time would encourage the readers to be more giving at such a special time of year..

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