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innocence - not guilty, funeral - act of burying someone, wisdom - being smart at old age, envy - a feeling of unhappiness because you want what others have, betrayal - situation when you lose trust because somebody "has stabbed you in your back", immaturity - acting like a baby or child, judge - person who decides if someone is guilty or not, bravery - showing no fear, ghost - the spirit of a dead person, youth - not a child nor a grown up - teenage years, modesty - the quality of not trying to make other people notice your abilities and success, uncertainty - a situation in which something is unknown, authority - the right to control others , beginning - start , hell - the place where souls of people who did bad things in life go, cowardice - not showing bravery but fear, environment - air, water and land around us, nature, bride - a woman who is getting married, mourn - to be very sad because somebody's loved one has died,

The power of colours vocabulary - match by Maya

by Teachermaya


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