Valley - An area of low land between hills or mountains often with a river running through it, Coast - The land next to or close to the sea, Plain - A large area of flat land, Pond - An area of very wet soft land, Channel - A narrow area of water, Canal - a long thin stretch of water which is artificially made either for boats to travel along or for taking water from one area to another, Spring - a place where water naturally flows out from the ground, Source - The place something comes from or starts at, Beach - An area of sand or stones near the sea, Bank - Sloping raised land along the sides of a river, Shore - The land along the edge of the sea, Transfer - Cause somebody or something to move from one place to another, Transport - Take goods, etc. from one place to another in a vehicle, Direct - Tell or show somebody the way to a place, Lead - Take somebody to a particular place or situation, Guide - Show somebody around a place that you know well, Site - A place where a building, town, etc. was, is or will be situated, Position - Where somebody or something is in relation to others; the area where somebody plays in a sport, Point - A particular place where something takes place, Area - A specific place used for a particular activity,




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