Dan wishes he had lots of pets., He does have one cat, Jed., He also has one dog, Max., Both pets are lots of fun., When Jed has a ball, Max runs to get it., Then Max wags and yips., When Jed gets mad, he hisses at Max., Then Max gets sad, and Dan has to pet him., When Max gets into the cat's dish, Dan says, , "That is bad for you. Sit on your mat.", That day, Dan runs to the pet shop to get pet food., At the shop, Dan wants to get more pets., He calls his dad to tell him the shop has fish, a pig, and ten cats., His dad tells Dan, "Jed and Max are your pets.", His dad says, "We do not want one more pet from the shop.", Dan is sad but then thinks of Jed and Max., He is glad to have his pets, so he is not so sad..




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