Who do you have lunch with?, Do you brush your teeth in the morning?, Do you read a book before you go to bed?, Do you watch tv while having lunch or dinner?, What time does school start and finish?, Do you play board games in the afternoon? Who With?, Do you prepare your rucksack in the evening?, Do you have your meals alone or with your family?, Who do you often talk to in your family?, Do you usually do easy homework first?, Which subject do you hate most?, What time do you start your homework?, What do you do in your free time?, Do you ever play video games?, Do you ever listen to music?, Do you have a snack in the afternoon?, When do you meet your friends?, What do you do before you go to sleep?, When do you usually have a shower?, Do you ever help your parents?, Do your brothers and sisters help you with your homework?, Do you ever play the game MONOPOLY with your family (board games)?, When do you play with your friends?, do you practise any sports? Which one?, Do you play any musical instrument?, Where do you usually go on holiday in summer?, What do you do at weekends?, Do you get dressed before or after breakfast?, How often do you go out for a pizza?, Do you ever go shopping on Saturday?, Do you watch horror films?, How often do you go to the cinema?, Do you prefer to go on holiday to the seaside or to the mountains?, Do you ever sit on a hamac?.


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