1) I usually ______________ at 7 o´clock. a) get up b) am getting up c) gets up 2) My Mum always __________________ to work by car. a) go b) goes c) is going 3) Jack and John often _______________ computer games. a) play b) plays c) is playing d) are playing 4) It´s 7:45, I__________________ to school at the moment. a) go b) goes c) am going 5) What ______ you ____________________ now? a) do ____ do b) does______ you c) are ____ doing 6) Jonas _____________________ next to me right now. a) sit b) sits c) is sitting 7) ____ you _____ pizza? a) Do __ like b) Does ___ like c) Are ___ liking 8) I _____________ it´s funny. a) think b) thinks c) am thinking 9) Where ____ you usually ______________ on holiday? a) do __ go b) does ___ go c) are ___ going 10) What ____ your sister ____________ for breakfast? a) do ___ eat b) does ___ eat c) is __ eating 11) Don´t disturb me, I _______________________ a book now! a) read b) reads c) am reading 12) Look, the boys _____________________ football now. a) play b) plays c) is playing d) are playing 13) I _______________________ Maths. a) don´t like b) doesn´t like c) am not liking 14) My brother _____________________ any musical instrument. a) don´t play b) doesn´t play c) aren´t playing




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