1) I usually ___ my homework after dinner. a) have b) do c) get 2) Do you ___ a shower every morning? a) get b) go c) have 3) When do you usually ___ your friends? a) see b) get c) have 4) I often ___ up late at the weekend. a) go b) get c) do 5) We always ___ dinner at eight o'clock. a) go b) have c) get up 6) We don't ____ school on Sunday. a) go b) go at c) go to 7) He sometimes ____ the dishwasher in the morning. a) load b) loads c) loading 8) Mila ____ ____ to music late at night. a) don't listens b) doesn't listens c) doesn't listen d) don't listen 9) _____ Polina _______ her dog every weekend? a) Do / walk b) Does / walks c) Does / walking d) Does / walk 10) Mila and Polina _____ _______ in on Mondays. a) doesn't sleep b) don't sleeps c) don't sleep d) doesn't sleeping 11) ... they ... to bed early? a) Does ... sleep b) Do ... sleep c) Do... go d) Are... go 12) ... she ... ready for school in the morning or in the evening? a) Do ... go b) Does ... get c) Is .. get d) Does... gets 13) She ... the bus to school. a) goes b) catches  c) ride d) is catch 14) I ... lessons every day a) am have b) has c) have

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