unregulated - The tourism industry is ..., mass - ______ tourism occurs when large numbers of people visit the same place at any one time, endangered - ________ species - a type of animal or plant that may soon become extinct, employment - _________ opportunities - opportunities to get work for which you are paid regularly , sprawl - urban ________ - a very large area of buildings, industries, etc. that has spread from a city into the countryside surrounding it, especially in a way that is not attractive, legislation - environmental ___________ - a set of laws related to the environment. , living  - ____________ standards - the way in which people live, for example how comfortable their houses are or how much money they have to spend on food and clothes, displacement - community _______________ - a situation in which a group of people is forced to leave their region or country and go and live somewhere else, waste - ___________ material - the useless materials, substances, or parts that are left after you use something, taboos - cultural ____________ - something that people do not do or talk about because it is very offensive or shocking in their culture, developers - these are the people or a company who buy land in order to construct new buildings. , contractors - these are people or companies who are given a contract and paid a fixed price to perform a service or a job, especially in the construction industry, policy-makers - _________ - ___________ : people responsible for creating/agreeing on a set of plans or actions,

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