Allegory - A symbolic device in which characters or events in a story represent or symbolize ideas and concepts., Alliteration - The repetition of an initial consonant sound., Allusion - A figure of speech where the author refers to a subject matter such as a person, place, event, or literary work in a passing reference., Anagrams - A literary device wherein the author jumbles part of a word(s) to create a new, Analogy - A comparison between two things for the purpose of explanation or clarification., Allegory (example) - The Lord of the Flies: The island represents the whole world, the conch stands for law and order, and the fire represents hope and destruction., Alliteration (example) - Even though Winifred decided to watch the weekend news, she never seemed weary about the wallowing witches in Wichita. , Allusion (example) - "They think me Macbeth, ambition is my folly...Madison is Banquo, Jefferson's Macduff, And Birnam Wood is Congress on its way to Dunsinane", Anagrams (example) - Fried = Fired , Analogy (example) - The poet compared love to an endless well., Apostrophe - A figure of speech in which the speaker addresses an object, or person(often absent) that is unable to respond., Antithesis - When the writer puts two sentences of contrasting meanings close to one another., Anthropomorphism - Occurs when a human quality, emotion, or ambition is given to a non-human object or being., Anti-hero - A central character who lacks conventional heroic qualities., Antagonist - A character, group of characters or institution that opposes the protagonist or main character., Antagonist (example) - Because Jean and Jane both wanted to be the valedictorian of their graduating class, each sees each other as their _______________________., Anti-hero (example) - Because he is seen as the murk with the mouth and his aggressive ways, Deadpool is often seen as an _____________________., Anthropomorphism (example) - Lewis Carroll´s uses ____________________ throughout his novel ¨Alice in Wonderland¨ to highlight the animals human-like qualities., Apostrophe (example) - As I was speaking to my dog about my day and asked her how her day went, I realized of the ______________________ that occurred., Antithesis (example) - The end of the novel shocked me as I believed the ______________________ would occur with the villains death instead., Archetype - A concept, person, or object that has served as a universally prototype of its kind., Atmosphere - Created when the setting or scene elicits an emotional response in the reader/viewer., Catharsis - The process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions., Caricature - A simple image showing the features of its subject in a simplified or exaggerated way., Cliche - An expression, idea, or element which has become overused to the point of losing its original meaning, even to the point of becoming irritating., Atmosphere (example) - Though the novel started out with a dark and dreary story, by the end the _________________________ was lively and welcoming., Catharsis (example) - Unwinding after a long day by watching my favorite romantic comedy is how I find ____________________., Caricature (example) - Juan asked for a tasteful portrait to be made of him but he ended up getting a _____________________ of himself instead., Cliche (example) - Carlos didn't know what to get Christie for Valentine's day so he bought every __________________ gift there is. (teddy bear, chocolate heart, one dozen roses, etc...), Archetype (example) - Mr. Johns is the quintessential _______________________ of a teacher. He is smart, serious and a stickler for rules.,

Weeks 1-3: Honors English I Vocabulary




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