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Conor, his [parents] and his sister [Claire] were on holiday in July. They travelled to [Spain] by [plane]. At the airport in Malaga a man checked their [passports].  Then they waited for their [luggage].  Mum and [Dad's] bag arrived first.  Claire and Conor saw their suitcase.  They didn't check the [label]. They just grabbed the [suitcase] and followed Mum and Dad.  When they arrived at their [hotel], they started to unpack.  Cloe couldn't open their suitcase.  She thought she had a wrong [key].  But, they took the wrong suitcase.  Mum called the [airport].  There was a very [angry] man waiting for his suitcase.  Dad was angry, too.  They needed a [taxi] to take the other passanger's suitcase back to the airport and to collect their suitcase..

Our holiday - missing words


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