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1) What is the word equation that describes aerobic respiration? a) Carbon dioxide + glucose --> oxygen + water b) Oxygen + water --> glucose + carbon dioxide c) Oxygen + glucose --> carbon dioxide + water d) Glucose + water --> oxygen + carbon dioxide 2) Where does aerobic respiration take place in the cell? a) Nucleus b) Cytoplasm c) Ribosome d) Mitochondria 3) What is the energy that is transferred during aerobic respiration used for? a) Only muscle contraction b) Muscle contraction, keeping a constant internal body temperature, synthesis reactions. c) Lowering internal body temperature and synthesis reactions. d) Muscle degradation. 4) During exercise what happens? a) Breathing rate increases b) Breathing rate and heart rate increases c) Heart rate increases d) Lung volume increases 5) How is glucose stored in muscle cells? a) Glycogen b) Glucagon c) Glucose 2.0 d) Galactose 6) Why is glycogen used a store of glucose?  a) So it can be stored and kept. b) So the glucose is not destroyed during respiration. c) So it can be broken down and provide a rapid supply of glucose for respiration.  d) Glucose --> glycogen = respiration. 7) Why does heart rate increase during exercise? a) To decrease the rate of glucose and oxygen delivery to the muscles.  b) To increase the supply of carbon dioxide to the muscles. c) To increase the removal of water from the muscles. d) To increase the rate of oxygen and glucose delivery to the muscles. 8) Why does breathing rate increase during exercise? a) To increase the supply of oxygenated blood to muscles. b) To increase the supply of glucose the muscles. c) To increase the supply of carbon dioxide to the muscles. d) q 9) When people are starving, they feel cold. Why might this be? a) Respiration is needed to build up proteins that help keep us warm. b) The energy transferred from respiration helps keep a constant body temperature. If you are starving you do not respire as much because you do not have as much glucose available.  c) Starvation causes people to feel cold. 10) What is anaerobic respiration? a) Respiration that does not require oxygen, it produces lactic acid from glucose. b) Glucose + oxygen --> carbon dioxide + water. c) Respiration that requires lactic acid to produce energy. 11) What does the term oxygen debt mean? a) The build of glucose in the muscles cells. b) The build of carbon dioxide in the muscle cells. c) The build up of lactic acid in muscle cells.

Aerobic respiration and response to exercise quiz


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