1) I enjoy _______ pizza. a) to eat b) eating 2) You should arrange _______ them after school. a) to meet b) meeting 3) I don't mind _____ the dishes. a) to wash b) washing 4) I decided _____ English a) to study b) studying 5) I promise _____ my room. a) to clean b) cleaning 6) I fancy _____ . a) to read b) reading 7) I would like ______ to Mars. a) to visit b) visiting 8) I miss ______ time with you. a) to spend b) spending 9) I imagine ________ around the world. a) to travel b) travelling 10) You can't afford not ________ class. a) to attend b) attending 11) He seems _____ a lot. a) to smoke b) smoking 12) I expect ______ him at the bar. a) to find b) finding 13) I like ______ in the rain a) to dance b) dancing 14) I suggest ______ to the doctor if that doesn't get better. a) to go b) going 15) I avoid ______ my phone on weekends. a) to answer b) answering 16) I want ______ outside. a) to play b) playing 17) Finish ______ your vegetables! a) to eat b) eating 18) He agreed ______ us on this evening. a) to join b) joining 19) I dislike ______ to the shops with my wife. a) to go b) going 20) He hopes ______  the race. a) to win b) winning 21) I hate ______ up early. a) to wake b) waking

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