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The associations attached to a word in addition to its dictionary definition - Connotations, What the text is about - Content, Things outside the text which may shape its meaning e.g. when it was written, and who wrote it - Context, A word that joins elements of equal rank (and, or, but) - Co-ordinating conjunction, A two line verse (often rhyming) - Couplet, A unit of poetic meter containing one stressed syllable followed by two unstressed syllable /-- - Dactyl, A mood used to express a statement - Declarative mood, ‘The’ - Definite article, Terms used to denote words that rely on the context to be understood e.g. pass me that, there. - Deictic, A group of words which add extra information to the independent main clause - Dependent or subordinate clause, Language interaction with two or more participants - Dialogue, The study of spoken language - Discourse, A structure in which more than one negative is used - Double negative, A verb that expresses an action rather than a state - Dynamic verbs, The omission of sounds in connected speech - Elision, The omission of part of a sentence - Ellipsis , A change in the structure of the sentence to place emphasis on a closing sentence element. - End-focus, Run-on lines - Enjambment, A word that replaces a term seen by society as taboo or unpleasant - Euphemism, A mood that expresses strong emotions - Exclamatory mood, Where the rhyme looks like it should rhyme but the sound is not exactly the same. - Eye rhyme, Words used when hesitating in speech, um, er - Fillers, A change in the structure of the sentence to place emphasis on an opening sentence element - foregrounding, The structure and shape of the text - Form, Sounds where air escapes through a small passage e.g. f, v - Fricatives, Exaggeration used to heighten feeling and intensity - Hyperbole, A unit of poetic meter containing one unstressed syllable followed by one stressed syllable -/ - Iambic, A descriptive or metaphorical use of language to create a vivid picture - Imagery, A mood that expresses a command - Imperative mood, ‘A’ - Indefinite article,

Term Quiz - Connotations to Indefinite Article


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