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Litotes - A deliberate understatement, Metaphor - A description which does not compare one thing with another but actually becomes the other e.g. the trees danced in the wind, Mode of address - The point of view of the text i.e. first, second or third person, Nasals - A term used to describe consonants produced with an open nasal passage e.g. m,n, Non-standard Lexis - Any variety that does not conform to the standard form as used by society, Noun - A naming word, Octet - An eight line verse, Onomatopoeia - The term used to denote words that imitate sounds, Orthography - A study of spelling and the ways letters are used in language, Oxymoron - The use of apparently contradictory words in a phrase, Paralinguistics - Non-verbal communication using gestures, posture and facial expressions, Parallelism - The patterning of pairs of sounds, words or structures to create a sense of balance, Passive voice - A grammatical structure in which the subject and object can change places in order to alter the focus of a sentence e.g. the bone was eaten by the dog, Pathetic fallacy - When the environment mirrors emotions , Pentameter - A unit of poetic meter containing five feet (10 syllables in total), Personification - A device in which the non-human is given personal and human qualities e.g. the trees danced in the wind, Petrarchan or Italian sonnet - A poem of 14 lines, divided into an octet and a sestet, written in iambic pentameter, rhyming abbaabbba cdecde (sestet may vary), Phonology - The study of sound, Phrase - A group of words that has no finite verb (except for a verb phrase) e.g. noun phrase ‘the green tree’, Plosives - Sounds which release a sudden burst of air e.g. p,b,t, Preposition - A word that shows relationships between nouns or pronouns e.g. on, Pronoun - A word that replaces a noun, Proper nouns - A name of a distinctive person, place or other unique reference, Prosodic features - The use of pitch, volume, pace and rhythm to draw attention to key elements of spoken language, Purpose  - The reason the text has been produced e.g. to entertain, inform, persuade etc., Quatrain - A four-line verse, Received Pronunciation (RP) - An English accent which has a high social status and is not connected to a specific region, Repair - The correction of a mistake or misunderstanding in conversation, Repetition - Saying the same thing more than once , Rhythm - The pattern of syllables and stresses within poetry,

Term Quiz - Litotes to Rhythm


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