1) He likes playing... a) football b) hockey c) tennis 2) I... swimming. a) likes b) like c) doesn't like 3) Meg and Mog like listening... music a) with b) on c) to 4) Meg and Peg... eating crisps. a) doesn't b) likes c) like 5) She... drawing. a) likes b) like c) don't like 6) We like... a) reading b) drawing c) listening 7) We... speaking different languages. a) like b) likes c) doesn't like 8) I like... a) talking b) singing c) going to the gym 9) My grandma... cooking. a) don't like b) likes c) like 10) My sister likes... a) going to the gym b) going to school c) going shopping d) are going 11) I... learning new words. a) likes b) like c) doesn't like d) am not like 12) She.... drinking milk a) like b) doesn't like c) don't like d) isn't like 13) Luke... running. a) don't like b) like c) likes d) aren't like 14) She... writing. a) like b) doesn't like c) don't like d) isn't like 15) ...she ..like/ swim? a) Do she likes swimming? b) Is she likes to swim? c) Does she like swimming? d) Does she like swiming? 16) ... you/ like/ compose music? a) Are you like compose music? b) Do you like composing music? c) Do you like to composing music?




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