True: Looking at others shows you are listening to them, Giving compliments helps others feel good, Sharing is caring, Bullying is very hurtful and unsafe, Smiling is a way to make friends, Friends are allowed to like different things, Helping others helps make friends, You should say "Good Job" to a winner of a game even if you lose the game, You should say sorry when you hurt someone's feelings, You should not speak over others while they are talking, False: Taking things without asking is ok, Bullying can be a way to make friends, It's bad to be shy, Friends never fight, If someone is mean to you, you can never be friends, You should be mean to others if they are mean to you, Rolling your eyes at others is a way to make friends, You should only be friends with people a lot like you, You should only say sorry if the other person says sorry first, It is okay to hit others when you are upset with them,

True or False Social Skills




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