Put your hands on your shoulders then count to 5., Stand up and then put your hands over your eyes., Say your last name, and then count to 10., Say your middle name, then count to 3., Shake your head up and down and then say "hi.", Put your elbows on the table and then wave., Blink 2 times and then point up to the ceiling., Stand up and then spin around 2 times., Stand up and then jump up and down 2 times., Clap your hands 3 times and then cover your ears., Pretend to wash your hands and then give a thumbs up., Shake your head yes and then name your favorite color., Name a shape then clap your hands 2 times., Pretend to comb your hair and then tell me how old you are., Count to 5 and then stomp your feet., Name your favorite animal then raise your hand., Pat yourself on the head and then say "I love Speech!", Tell me what you ate for breakfast and then stand up., Count to 6 and then touch your nose., Shake your head no and then say what grade you're in., ***WINNER***.


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