15 Jumping Jacks or 15 Single Leg Hops, 25 Side to Side hops, What is Coach S favorite ice cream flavor? or 20 Forward and Backward Hops, Count to 15 in Spanish or 15 High Knees, 15 Mountain Climbers or 20 Sit ups, How do you say cat in Spanish? or 20 Jump Squats, What is our schools address? or 15 Burpees, You got lucky-No Exercise!, Pick the Exercise You Want, Show me a flutter kick or 20 Sec Plank , Water Break 30 Secs!, Jog in Place for 30 secs!, Name 5 Sports at IL Texas or 25 Jump Squats, 15 Plank Jacks, Tell me the mission of IL Texas or 15 Burpees, 10 Tuck Jumps, You got lucky-No exercise, Name all of the coaches names or 20 jumping jacks!!, 20 hops in place, 5 Star Jumps, 10 Toe Touches or 10 inch worms?, 20 Secs of Flutter Kicks, Water Break 30 Secs!, 15 Sit ups, Sing 1 verse of Baby Shark or 15 Push ups., 15 Split Jumps, 10 Squats or 30 sec wall-sit?, How many seconds are in a 2 minutes? 5 Burpees, Pick the Exercise You Want, 25 Butt Kicks or 25 High Knees?, Water Break 30 secs!, 5 Push ups, Pick the Exercise you Want, BONUSSSSSSSSSSS- Choose what exercise Coach S has to complete!, Name our 4 principles names or 20 split jumps, 15 Forward arm circles , 10- 180 Squats, 10 lunges or 10 Lunge Jumps?, You got Lucky-No Exercise, You pick the exercise!.

Pick The Exercise Wheel- Older Kids




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