1) Who is the Academic Director for University English? a) Richard Simpson b) Helen Johnstone c) Sue Nurse d) Boris Johnson 2) When is ELTC reception open? a) 07.00-19.00 (06.00-21.30 online) b) 24/7 c) 09.00-16.00 (08.45-17.30 online) d) 11.00-13.00 (10.00-14.00 online) 3) What time do classes start each morning? a) 09.30 b) 09.00 c) 10.00 d) 10.30 4) The 5 course components are language development, options and educational visits, plus a) tutorials and lectures b) physics and chemistry c) sports and social activities d) vocabulary and grammar 5) Which of the following is NOT a possible options class? a) IELTS b) Social English c) Speaking and Pronunciation d) Speaking the Queen's English 6) Which students can take the Introduction to EAP Option? a) PS students only b) Anyone

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