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celebrities - The charity event was supported by Ed Sheeran, Tom Hanks, Michelle Obama, Emma Watson, Lionel Messi., infrastructure - We have to invest more in America's hospitals, streets, electric grids, railway lines, bridges ..., science - advancements in the field of biology, chemistry, physics, genetics, astronomy, environment - We need to protect our planet's wildlife, oceans, forests, lakes, mountains, discriminated against - In many countries religious or ethnic minorities are still treated unfairly, disrespected, not granted equal rights, education - In recent years, little money has been invested in students, teachers, school buildings, digital learning equipment, public transport - More and more people use buses, trains, trams, the underground or subway, information technology IT - In India millions of employees work in the field of software production, internet services, app development, web design , economy - It is important to keep an eye on a country's growth, corporations, unemployment rate, poverty line, stock market, industry, household appliances - Nowadays most homes are equipped with dishwashers, microwave ovens, fridges, vacuum cleaners,



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