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Ahmed Anas, Ahmed Hamad, Badir Abdulfarouq, Tamim Salim, Tamim Mahmoud, Jabir Amer, Hamad Saeed, Hamad Saleh Hamad, Hamad Saleh Saeed, Hamad Mohammed, Khaled Gamal, Dekhailallah Ali, Salem Hamad, Saeed Mohammed, Saleh Mohammed, Taleb Abdullah, Talal Haneef, Abdullah Hamad, Abdullah Mohsen, Abdullah Mohammed, Abdulhadi Farag, Ali Mohammed, Omar Salem, Omar Mubarak, Issa Saad, Faris Mubarak, Fahad Saeed, Lu'ay Hassan, Mubarak Saad, Mohammed Ahmed, Mohammed Hareb, Mansour Hamad, Nasser Rashid.


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