have the super power to fly or to breathe underwater?, have a magic carpet that flies or your own personal robot, have one eye in the middle of your head or three noses, be able to choose which weather you want every day or be able to talk to animals, be able to speak all languages or know how to play every instrument, have a pet dragon or pet unicorn, have three sisters or three brothers, play in the snow or play in the sand, have a new shirt in your closet every day or a new pair of shoes every day, live in a mansion in the city or live on a farm with lots of animals, be bald or have clown hair, have mouse ears or have webbed hands like a frog, travel to the past or travel to the future, always be dressed fancy or always be dressed in comfy pajamas, have pizza everyday or chicken nuggets everyday, have a car that can fly or go underwater, have a pool or have an ice skating rink, be the fastest person in the world or be able to freeze time, not be allowed to eat candy for a year or not watch tv for a year, have a pet pig in your room or a pet skunk, have hamburgers or hot dogs, watch fireworks or watch a music concert, be an amazing artist or an amazing dancer, have a purple nose or green ears, create a new holiday or create a new language, have an elephant trunk or a long neck like a giraffe, have really small hands or really stinky feet.


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