1) Tim doesn't like football, he finds it boring. a) T b) F 2) My parents doesn't work on Sunday. a) T b) F 3) I usually don't do homework after 8 p.m. a) T b) F 4) Mr Snape don't like to teach Potions. a) T b) F 5) My friend Samuel and I doesn't play basketball. a) T b) F 6) Stefania doesn't speak English. a) T b) F 7) The students don't listen to the teacher. a) T b) F 8) The children don't pay attention to the coach. a) T b) F 9) Ginevra don't read many books. a) T b) F 10) Football players doesn't eat many cheeseburgers or sugary food. a) T b) F

Present simple negativo: è corretto? Scegli se le frasi sono vere (T) o false (F)




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