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1) Give me _______ pencil back! a) my b) hers c) she 2) We saw _____ mom at the store. a) she b) his c) our 3) This pen is _____ not yours a) your b) my c) mine 4) The kids took the money they found to ______ teacher. a) his b) thier c) them 5) Is that ______ or mine? a) my b) thier c) yours 6) He thought _____ painting was better than hers. a) his b) theirs c) hers d) a 7) Mothers have a hard time with ______ kids. a) hers b) thier c) mine 8) Don't eat ____ cookie. It's not yours! a) my b) hers c) his 9) We were eating _____ favorite food today! a) thiers b) our c) he's 10) This is ______. It has your name on it. a) yours b) your c) mine

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