The Bullied Person: I'm so dumb., Something's wrong with me., I don't like it when you call me names. , Please stop calling me names., I will just walk away from that bully., Ms. Gatling, there is someone in my grade who is bullying me., The Bully: Your clothes are ugly!, Your face looks like a monster!, You can't make an A like I did!, You can't play with us, you're not cool., I don't want to be your friend because nobody likes you, You'll never understand what we're doing in class., The Bystander: Look at that bully!, I don't want to make the bully get mad at me too., It's okay for her to be mean to him., That's not fair but I don't want to say anything to anyone about what they're saying to him., Maybe they'll stop doing that one day., It's none of my business that they're hurting her., The Upstander: Stop that - you're being mean to him!, Hello friend. Let's go play with my cards somewhere else together., Hey, buddy! How are you doing today., Ms. Gatling, I saw that there was a boy being teased by a girl almost everyday during recess. I'm not tattling but I am worried about him., We need to stop this now! I'm going to speak up!, You are not being nice to him and that's not okay!,

There are 4 types of people when it comes to bullying




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