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Atom - Smallest part of any element, Compound  - A molecule with two or more different atoms chemically bonded, Condense - Change of state from a gas to a liquid, Density - Amount of matter by volume, Element - One of 118 materials which make up everything. Found as atoms, Evaporate - Change of state from a liquid into a gas, Formula - Symbols of the elements which make up a compound (e.g. CO2), Hydrocarbon - Compound made of hydrogen and carbon, Melting Point - Temperature at which a solid becomes a liquid, Boiling Point - Temperature at which a liquid boils becoming a gas, Mixture - Two or more different atoms or molecules mixed together but not chemically bonded, Molecule - Single particle of a material made up of two or more atoms chemically bonded together, Particle - Simplified description of the smallest amount of matter, Periodic Table - List of all the elements arranged by property, Sublimation - Change of state from Gas to solid or from solid to gas,

Elements, Compounds & Mixtures


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