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1. There are two types of elephan - - the African elephant and the Asian elephant, which is sometimes known as the Indian elephant. If you looked at a photo of them they might look  the same at first glance, but if you took a longer, closer look you would see the differences. , 2. People say you can tell where an elephant comes from by looking at its ears. -  The Asian elephant has much smaller ears, whereas the African elephant’s ears are much larger and cover its neck. But in real life, the most noticeable difference is their size. African elephants are around a metre taller and approximately 1,000kg heavier., 3. There are a few other differences - For example, the shapes of their bodies, and their skin are not the same. Asian elephants look rounder and have smoother skin. They also tend to have more toenails and although it is possible for African elephants to have five toenails on their front feet and four on the back, it is rare., 4. There are also quite a few similarities between the African elephant and the Asian elephant - They both eat grass and plants. They pull these from the trees and ground using their long noses, which are called trunks. They wave their trunks around to improve their sense of smell and this helps them locate their next meal., 5. Elephants will help each other in times of need -  They greet each other by wrapping their trunks together. They have a celebration when an elephant returns after being away and if a baby elephant is unhappy, all the other elephants come to help. ,

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