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Amplitude - Size of sound wave, which causes volume (or loudness), Anvil - Bone of the middle ear (also stirrup and hammer), Cochlea - Part of inner ear where liquid and hairs vibrate, Decibel (db) - Unit of volume/loudness, Eardrum - Part of middle ear which vibrating air hits, Echo - Sound bouncing (reflecting) off surfaces, Energy - Property of a material which can be transferred, cannot be created or destroyed. Often makes particles vibrate, Frequency - Number of waves per second, which causes the pitch of the sound, Hammer - Bone of the middle ear (also stirrup and anvil), Hertz (Hz) - Unit of frequency, Pinna - Flap of skin on side of head which catches sound waves, Pitch - What a noise sounds like. The note we hear. Caused by the frequency of the sound wave, Stirrup - Bone of the middle ear (also anvil and hammer), Vacuum - Empty space (no particles at all), sound can't travel through it, Vibration - Movement backwards and forwards, Volume - How loud a sound is, Waves - Vibrating particles hit adjacent particles making them move, Wavelength - Distance between peaks of a wave, which affects the frequency (and pitch) of the sound wave,


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