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Malicious - The attacker knowingly attacks a system either for fun or profit, Standard clerical procedures - Ensure that all users of a computer system are properly trained in the systems use and are aware of the dangers the system faces, Passwords - A string of characters that is entered into a computer system to log in or to gain access to some resource., Levels of permitted access - Compartmentalising a system to limit the damage done by its users, Write-protect mechanisms - With this enables a system is unable to modify, delete or add data on a storage device, the only action which can be performed is to read data, Hardware failures - All hardware dies eventually, Sorftware failures - Programming bugs can be hidden for a long time before a rare combination of events reveals the program, Human Errors - Accidental changing of data or deletion of files, Deliberate damage - May be caused by an angry employee, a virus or a hacker, Firewalls - Software methods of blocking access to anyone from outside a network unless they are authorised, Encryption - To maintain file security when data is transferred from one computer to another, Accidental - The attacker would unknowingly compromise a system and cause damage,

Data Security and Integrity


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