1) She ----------- basketball since she was three. a) have been playing b) has played c) has been playing 2) How long ---- he ----------- drawing? a) has / been b) had / been c) has / being 3) She -----------the book she wanted. a) didn't find b) hasn't found c) didn't found 4) I ------- met a famous person ever. a) have been -ing b) haven't met c) didn't 5) Mary -------- taking care of her neighbor's cat since she arrived. a) have been b) has been c) has took 6) This actor is very good. He --------- five Oscars. a) has been winning b) have been winning c) has won 7) He ---------didn't he? a) practised sport b) has been practising c) practises 8) Why ----------- done your homework yet? It's really late. a) have you b) haven't you c) has you 9) She -------------- that book for three hours now, but she ---------------- anything interesting. a) has been reading / hasn't found b) have been reading / didn't found c) hasn't been reading / didn't find 10) How fast ---- the race driver ---------? a) has / run b) have / is running c) has / been running?

Present Perfect Continuous and Present Perfect Simple




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