Kenji is in the bathroom during a fire drill. , Jenny fell down at recess and scrapped her knee. , Jess kicked me in the leg because she was mad., Ashley calls me mean names every day, even though I told her to stop., Jessie is running with scissors., Danny has a bloody nose., Andrew keeps taking my lunch., Alex pushed me to the ground on purpose because I did not do what they wanted., Jamie says he is going to start a fight at recess., You see Sandy take something from the teacher's desk., Jared takes Rachel's phone out of her backpack while she is talking to the teacher., Mike grabbed your lunch box out of your hand., Anna cut in front of you in line. , Rob used your pencil without asking., Nikki is drawing when she should be writing., Mark tripped, and accidently bumped you in the hallway., Joey would not play with me at recess., Bob is out of his seat during a lesson. , Sadie is talking to Angela during independent work. , Andy made a face at you in class. , Jasmine keeps looking at you in class., Lindsey sees Bell take a pencil off of Karen's desk. , You see Erica drawing in her notebook while the class is supposed to be watching a video., Andrea is trying to talk to you, while you are trying to do independent math work., Rob says a bad word at recess. , On the bus, Torre is kicking the back of the bus seat, you find it annoying., Ralph took the book you wanted to read during your break., Bill spills a whole box of crayons., Lacy ripped your homework in half. , Matt threw a pencil at me. .

Tattling Vs. Reporting (act it out!)


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