I will catch the bus tomorrow at 7:15 to get to school. - 10, I caught a cold from my sister last week. - 20, I am learning to catch the baseball with the baseball mit at practice today. - 30, I want to go outside and catch a lizard.  - 40, The boy caught the ball in mid-air and the player was out. - 50, The policeman caught the speeding driver and gave them a ticket. - 60, I hope I will catch a fish with my new fishing rod today. - 70, I think I am catching a cold because my nose is running and I have a headache. - 80, The goalie caught the soccer ball before it flew into the net to make the winning point. - 90, The player caught the pass from his teammate and scored the winning basket at the basketball game. - 100, The bear catches the fish quickly with his mouth. - 110, Dad will catch an Uber to work tomorrow because his car is being repaired. - 120, The dog will catch the ball if I throw it. - 130, The girl catches the bus very close to her house. - 140, The cat catches the mouse easily. - 150,




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