1) How are you? a) Fine b) I'm fine, thanks c) Bien 2) What's your name? a) My name is Daisy b) Daisy c) Your name is Daisy 3) How old are you? a) 8 b) I have 8 years old c) I am 8 years old 4) When is your birthday? a) I am March b) Marzo c) My birthday is in March 5) Have you got any brothers or sisters? a) One brother b) I have got one brother c) I am one brother 6) How many pencils are there? a) There are 3 pencils b) There is 3 pencils c) 3 pencils 7) Do elephants hunt? a) No, I don't b) No c) No, they don't 8) Does a tiger sleep in a tree? a) No, it don't b) No, it doesn't c) No, I don't 9) Where do whales live? a) They live in water b) In the water c) I live in water 10) What is your favourite animal? a) My animal is the zebra b) My favourite animal are the zebra c) My favourite animal is the zebra 11) What is she doing? a) She is listening to music b) She is listen to music c) She are listening to music 12) What is he doing? a) She is sing b) She am singing c) She is singing 13) Would you like some cheese? a) Yes b) Yes, please c) Si 14) Where are your toys? a) The toys are in the box b) The toys are next to the box c) The toys are under the box 15) Do you like grapes? a) Yes b) Yes, I do c) Yes, I don't 16) Do you like swimming? a) No b) No, I do c) No, I don't


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