1) Nature is all around a) you b) me c) us d) fish 2) Are we part of the nature? a) Yes b) No c) We are part of the poopoo 3) The tallest mountain on Earth is a) Bebefest b) Moabest c) Everest d) Tikivest 4) The land can fall into the ocean and make... a) waterfall b) valleys c) desert d) cliff e) ice-cream 5) On Earth, there is water in... a) rivers, lakes and cliffs. b) rivers, cups and bottles. c) Joey and his sister. d) rivers, lakes and oceans. 6) Most rivers come from... a) b) c) d) e) 7) What is on the top of most of the mountains? a) grass b) trees c) snow d) Arey and Jaster 8) The water in rivers come from... a) snow and rainbow. b) rain and crying babies. c) snow and rain. 9) Most rivers go to the... a) b) c) d) 10) When a river comes to a cliff, it makes a... a) river. b) ocean. c) Jay. d) waterfall. 11) Why it's hot near the equator? a) BiuBiu is living there. b) The light from the sun is strong. c) The light from the sun is weak. d) The light from the sun is ok. 12) There are many _______________ near the equator. a) ice b) cliffs c) deserts d) crazy girls 13) The Arctic and the Antarctic are very cold places. a) No b) Yes c) I don't know d) Who are you? 14) In the Arctic and the Antarctic the light from the sun is... a) strong. b) very strong. c) weak. d) What? 15) Winters are very a) long. b) short. c) yummy. d) stinky. 16) Why are you so naughty? a) Because its fun! b) Because teacher Amy is silly! c) Because I want time out. d) Because I from Fruits 1.




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