1) You______________________ really sad, what's the matter? a) look b) look like c) seem like 2) We got to school late because we ________________ the bus. a) lost b) missed c) catched 3) I __________________ Luca at a party. a) known b) knew c) met 4) I love ____________________ old photos of myself and my friends. a) looking at b) watching c) looking 5) He __________________ me that he was tired. a) said b) told c) spoke 6) I asked the bank if they could ______________ me some money to buy a car. a) borrow b) lend c) give 7) Did you _________________ me anything back as a present from your holiday? a) get b) take c) bring 8) Tomorrow I have to ________________ an exam, I'm stressed! a) make b) do c) have 9) I think I've lost my keys, can you help me __________________ them? a) look for b) try c) search 10) I'm so happy! My team ________________ the other team! a) hit b) won c) beat




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