he improved the microscope and subsequently discovered cells - Robert Hooke, These cells contain cell walls. - plant cells, These cells do not contain cell walls. - animal cells, He made additional improvements to the microscope and discovered protists, that he called "animalcules".  - Anton van Leeuwenhoek, All organisms are made of one or more cells. The cell is the basic unit of all living things. All cells come from pre-existing cells. - Cell Theory, Cells take in food and get rid of wastes through ________________. - the outer surface, A protective layer that covers the cell's surface and acts as a barrier and controls materials going into and out of the cell. - Cell Membrane, The fluid located inside a cell. - Cytoplasm , They carry out various life processes in the cell. - Organelles , It is the genetic material that carries information needed to make new cells and new organisms and controls the activities of a cell.  - DNA, In eukaryotic cells the DNA is enclosed in this __________. - Nucleus , Cell membranes, organelles, cytoplasm, and DNA are: - located in ALL cells, Single-celled organisms with NO nucleus and NO membrane-bound organelles. - Prokaryotic Cells, a prokaryotic cell that lives almost everywhere and contain ribosomes.  - Bacteria , Tiny, round organelles made of protein and other materials. - Ribosomes, Single-celled organisms similar to bacteria because they contain ribosomes, cell membrane, DNA, and lack a nucleus and membrane-bound organelles.   - Archaea , They are heat-loving, salt-loving, and methane-making and are sometimes called extremophiles because they live in extreme places. - Three Types of Archaea, Some are unicellular and some are multicellular organisms that contain a nucleus enclosed by a membrane, the nucleus holds the cell's DNA. - Eukaryotic Cells, All animals, plants, and fungi are examples of _______________ - Eukaryotes , Mitochondria, Golgi apparatus, and the nucleus are examples of: - membrane-bound organelles,

Cell Unit - Key Terms to Know


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