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resurrection.... - Most Christians believe that they will be resurrected on Judgement Day, Heaven... - is a place where God is and where the saved will be happy for ever, Hell.... - is a place of eternal suffering. Some Christians don’t believe that a loving God would condemn people to hell for eternity., Purgatory - - A place where, according to Roman Catholics, the soul is purified before it goes to heaven., The incarnation  - means ‘God made flesh.’ Most Christians believe that God became human in the form of Jesus. The term ‘Son of God’ is used to express this relationship. , Crucifixion - Crucifixion – Jesus was scourged and crucified. As he died, he asked God to forgive his murderers., Three days after death Christians believe... - ... Jesus rose from the dead and was seen by various followers and disciples., Ascension - Christians believe that forty days after the resurrection, Jesus rose into heaven to be with God until judgement day., Sin - Sin means to break God’s laws. According to the Bible “all have sinned and fallen short” and “the wages of sin are death.”, Original sin - Eve eating the forbidden fruit, which caused Adam and Eve to be banished from the Garden of Eden and into a world of suffering. This event is known as The Fall., The role of Christ in salvation  - Christians believe that Christ’s sacrifice was an act of atonement that paid the penalty for our sins and meant that all can be saved., Salvation - Salvation means to be saved from the consequences of sin. There are three main beliefs about how this comes about, grace, law and spirit, Grace - this is the belief that salvation is a gift from God that is unearned and undeserved, Law - this is the belief that salvation is earned by using our free will to choose to follow the laws of God as described in the parable of the sheep and the goats., Spirit - Christians believe that after Christ’s ascension, God remains on earth in the form of the Holy Spirit which pays an important role in salvation. It motivates people to become Christian and helps them to understand the faith.,

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