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Dhamma - The teachings of the Buddha and the Universal Law, Dependant arising - Everything depends on something else for its existence, Anicca - Everything changes and nothing lasts forever, Anatta - There is no ‘you’ that is permanent or eternal. , Dukkha - Suffering is an inevitable part of life. Ended by enlightenment., Theravada Buddhism.... - .... teaches that the human personality is made up of five parts; the ‘Five Aggregates’ (skandhas), Mahayana Buddhism.... - ... teaches sunyata, the belief that nothing has independent existence., An Arhat.... - the ideal Buddhist (a ‘perfected person’) free from rebirth, A bodhisattva... -  is the Mahayana ideal Buddhist. They choose to remain in samsara to help others become enlightened., Pure Land Buddhists... - ... believe it is impossible to become enlightened in this realm and so aim to be reborn into the Pure Land to be taught by Amitabha Buddha.,

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