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Is there a sport you’d really like to try?, How much exercise do you take each week?, How much TV do you watch in a week?, Tell us about a TV programme you’ve seen recently, Do you enjoy reading? What sort of books do you read?, Who do you spend your free time with?, tell me about your best friend, Where would you really like to go on holiday in the future?, Do you ever go to concerts?, Where do you like listening to music?, Do you like going to the cinema?, Do you enjoy playing computer games?, Do you enjoy shopping?, Do you like going to parties?, How much time do you spend at home?, Tell us about a day you’ve really enjoyed recently?, Do you like cooking?, What’s your favourite food?, Have you got any plans for this weekend?, What’s your favourite day of the week?, Are you planning to do anything special this weekend?, What’s your favourite part of the day?.

Speaking part 1 fce


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