Johann’s self-____ was clear for all to see. He never appeared to be nervous at the start of the race and he had a great ability to inspire those around him to do better than they thought they could. His self-____ when getting up at 4 o’clock every morning to train was unbelievable. There were times when he became tired and this, for most people, is a dangerous time when self-____ can easily disappear and ____ take over. But Johann was never ____ to anyone; he always managed to maintain his usual calm and if people tried to upset him, he would respond with politeness and ____ which tended to diffuse the situation. He is a remarkable athlete with terrific ____, capable of running long distances without looking tired. He also has a mental ____ which is phenomenal, allowing him to give 100 percent focus and ____ to achieving his goals. All this has set him apart from other athletes, but also left him very much alone. However, if he wins an Olympic Gold medal in the next games, then all the ____ he has made will be worth it.

Language Leader Unit 3 - vocabulary review




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