1) We can't have chips again. We've ________ had them three times this week. a) yet b) already c) just d) still e) never 2) I haven't phoned Begonia ________. I'll do it when I get back from work. a) still b) already c) just d) yet 3) Monica says she's ________ this minute caught the train so she'll be here in half an hour. a) still b) yet c) already d) just 4) Daphne ________ hasn't bought the tickets. I hope she does it soon. a) still b) just c) never d) already 5) I can't decide. I _____ haven't made a decision. a) just b) yet c) still d) already 6) Have you _____ been to England? a) never b) ever c) still d) yet 7) Have you met Judy ________? a) still b) never c) yet d) ever 8) He has _____ travelled outside his country. a) yet b) never c) ever d) still

Present perfect + ever, never, already, yet




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