Do you like music? Yes, I do., She doesn't speak English., I live in Moscow with my parents., Does Michelle play tennis? No, she doesn't, My father drives a big car., Tom and Mike don't drink coke., Jim goes to school by bus., I really don't like animals. I'm scared of them., Do monkeys eat bananas? Yes, they do., My sister cooks very well. I like her doughnuts., What does she do on Tuesday? She goes swimming., Why do you go to the cinema every morning? , Does she like fencing? Yes, she does., When does she celebrate her birthday?, Do they play the piano at home? No, they don't., Where do we spend our summer holiday?, He usually gets up at 6 o'clock., She is always happy., We rarely read books at night., What do you usually have for breakfast?, How do you go to the greengrocer's? On foot., They don't play cards on Saturday morning because it's too hot., James studies Art on Monday afternoon at school., Do you brush your teeth before or after breakfast? , Where do you have dinner on Christmas day? .




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