Vocabulary SIGHT - Make sure you look/see out for the advertisements  - look, Vocabulary SIGHT -Our communities used to be hidden from show/view … - view, Vocabulary SIGHT -... that was a rare vision/sight not so long ago - sight, Vocabulary SIGHT -… the exhibition really does provide a fascinating look/view at the history of tattooing. - look, Vocabulary SIGHT -There’s also a collection of tools on view/sight … - view, Vocabulary SIGHT -Looking out across the bay, she suddenly caught _________ of a dolphin. - sight, Vocabulary SIGHT - Stay here, don’t say a word and keep out of _________ ! - sight, Vocabulary SIGHT - A movement in the bushes caught my _________ and I moved closer - eye, Vocabulary SIGHT - the star is not normally visible to the naked ____________ - eye, Vocabulary SIGHT - He sprayed anti-government slogans on the ministry building in full _________ of the security guards. - view, Vocabulary SIGHT - As we turned the corner the house came into _________ - view, Vocabulary SIGHT - You’ve probably sprained it or something. Let me have a _________ at it. - look, Vocabulary SIGHT - Now it’s time for In Depth, in which we take a closer _________ at an issue in the news.  - look, Vocabulary SIGHT - The mole, which spends most of its life underground, has very poor _________ . - vision, Vocabulary SIGHT - Many of his short stories offer a dark and terrifying _________ of the future - vision,

AA3 - Unit 11 - Vocabulary - Sight


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