1) Who works here? a) a police officer b) a fire fighter c) a solicitor d) a builder 2) Who works with animals? a) a doctor b) a vet c) an electrician d) a scientist 3) Who works in a school? a) a gardener b) an artist c) a musician d) a teacher 4) Who works in a hospital? a) a waiter b) a cook/chef c) a nurse d) a plumber 5) Who works here? a) a pilot b) a fireman c) a driver d) a farmer 6) Who works in a company? a) a vet b) a business woman c) a teacher d) a policeman 7) Who works with food? a) a farmer b) an actor c) a cleaner d) a cook 8) Who works in the fields? a) a fireman b) a teacher c) a farmer d) a factory worker 9) Who works in a cafe? a) a shop assistant b) a taxi driver c) a waitress d) a receptionist 10) Who works on a bike? a) a pilot b) a delivery man c) a train driver d) a singer




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