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Thales - 624 - 546 BC, Greek, Rubbed amber and fur together and discovered static electricity,  and gave us name Elektra, Edison - 1847 - 1931 American, Credited with Inventing light bulb, Developed a power station in Manhattan, Faraday - 1812 - 1867, English Known as the Father of Electricity, Discovered Electro Magnetism, Tesla - 1856 - 1943, Serbian American, Came up with Tesla coil in 1891 used to make high voltage, low current AC electricity, came up with the idea of wire technology, Volta - 1745 - 1827, Italian, came up voltaic pile, his name given to the term VOLT, Swan - 1828 - 1914 English, First to develop light bulb, first to develop and supply electric lights in homes and public buildings.,

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