1) The two brothers ___ a clothes retailing business. a) set up b) took on c) cut down on 2) Which are the two meanings of "TAKE ON" a) To employ someone/to get the sack b) To agree to be responsible for something/to employ someone c) To agree to be responsible for something/to earn money 3) Men were once solely responsible for bringing home the bacon.  What does bringing home the bacon mean? a) to work in bacon factory b) to have money to invest c) to earn money to live on 4) If I don't do the job right, I'll ___ the sack a) get b) have c) earn 5) I am trying to ___ caffeine a) cut with b) cut down on c) cut out 6) My sister loves ___ all day! a) shop in b) shopping down c) shop around d) shopping around 7) “If you want to buy a new Smartphone, you will need to find a job and save up for it. Money doesn’t grow on trees! a) To be careful how much money they spend, because there is only a limited amount b) To earn money easily c) To spend money on something d) To waste money on a pointless activity 8) The repair work cost ___ a) an arm and a hand b) a leg and a foot c) a head and a neck d) an arm and a leg 9) We paid through the nose to get the car fixed! What's the meaning of pay through the nose? a) to pay little money for something b) to pay too much money for something c) to pay less than expected 10) I love to spend money ___ trendy clothes! a) IN b) AT c) ON 11) A synonym of SPLASH OUT ON something is ____ a) To spend money on something b) To earn money c) To save money





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