1) John _______________________ an award by the president. a) is given b) gave c) was given 2) He ___________ by the police. a) brought b) was brought c) was bring 3) The women _______________ by the firefighters. a) were saved b) was saving c) saved 4) My wallet ___________________ by that man. a) was stolen b) stole c) is stolen 5) They ________________ by a snake. a) are bitten b) were biting c) were bitten 6) That house  ______________ by Thomas and his brother. a) were built b) was building c) was built 7) The mistakes ____________ by the teacher. a) were corrected b) corrected c) is corrected 8) Two men ___________ by wild animals yesterday a) was killed b) were killed c) killed 9) All the candy bars ____________ by the little boy? a) were sold b) was sold c) were selling 10) A song ____________ by her. a) sung b) was singing c) was sung

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